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Meia Praia boardwalk – a perfect beach stroll in Lagos

The new Meia Praia boardwalk is perfect for walking, running, and cycling. It’s an easy walk with many restaurants and bars where you can stop for lunch or coffee. The boardwalk is perfect for walking with a stroller, pushbike, or scooter. It’s one of the few places in Lagos with flat even surfaces (not cobbled stones). If you like walking, the boardwalk is a not-to-miss thing to do in Lagos.

Wooden walkway along the coast over sand dunes in Lagos
The scenery along the Meia Praia boardwalk in Lagos, Portugal

What is the Meia Praia boardwalk?

The boardwalk is a new system of wooden walkways along Meia Praia Beach in Lagos. It was inaugurated in 2023. The main linear boardwalk goes along the beach. Many additional shorter walkways lead to the beach, restaurants, or parking lots.

A wide sandy beach and a calm sea on a sunny day
The boardwalk at Meia Praia offers spectacular views of the beach and the sea

How long is the boardwalk at Meia Praia?

The boardwalk’s length is 3 km one way. Many sidewalks lead to the beach. If you walk from end to end and back, you get to a total of 6 km. If you take sidewalks along the route, it’ll be longer. The length of Meia Praia Beach is 5 km. If you want to continue walking to the end of the beach it’s another 2 km.

Where does it start and end?

The boardwalk starts at the west end of Meia Praia Beach, one of the best beaches in Lagos. It ends 3 km later at the east end of the beach past Bar Quim. 

White houses with orange roofs on the top of the hill in Lagos
At the start of the boardwalk you can see Old Town of Lagos on the opposite side of the river

How to get to the boardwalk?

You can get from Lagos Old Town to the boardwalk with a ferry service in summer. The ferry leaves as soon as there are two people on board. It takes a couple of minutes to get to the other side. The ferry pier is about 300 m from the boardwalk and Meia Praia Beach. The ferry leaves from a small pier on the promenade across the road from Praça Infante Dom Henrique. The price is 1 euro. 

Outside the summer months, you’ll have to walk over the pedestrian bridge to Lagos Marina and follow Estrada de São Roque Street (past Lagos train station) till the end. 

If you drive, there are several parking lots along the boardwalk where you can leave your car. We often park at different parking lots along Meia Praia and never have any issues. 

A part of the Meia Praia boardwalk that leads to the beach
Many side walkways lead from the boardwalk to the beach

When is the best time for walking?

In summer, mornings and evenings are the best time for walking on Maia Praia Boardwalk. At sunrise, you can see the sun rising from the Ocean. At sunset, the light is beautiful for taking photos. 

In winter, the afternoon is the best and warmest time for strolling along the boardwalk. Sunset and sunrise are still spectacular, but it gets chilly when the sun is not up. 

What is the scenery like?

On the right-hand side (walking west to east) of the boardwalk, you see the beach and the sea. On the left-hand side, you get a railway with very few trains and a couple of hotels. 

From the west end of the boardwalk, you can see Old Town, the harbor, Batata Beach, Estudantes Beach, and the cliffs of Ponta da Piedade

From the east end, you can see the beaches of Avor and Portimão.

A part of Meia Praia walkway for resting
You can find several rest places with benches along the boardwalk

Are there restaurants along the boardwalk?

Yes, there are 9 bars/restaurants along the boardwalk. Here are the names from west to east São Roque Restaurant, Linda Beach Bar, Bahia Beach Bar, Duna Beach Bar, Gaviota Branca Restaurant, Berlim Restaurant, Palmares Restaurant, Bar Quim, and Por do Sol Restaurant. Out of the 9 restaurants Bahia Beach Bar has the best reviews and ratings on Google. And it belongs to our friends I can recommend it. 

Is there a parking lot at the boardwalk?

Yes, there are 6 parking lots along the Meia Praia boardwalk. They are spread out along the beach and situated close to the restaurants. You can park your car at any of them and walk in either direction. 

Are there public toilets at Meia Praia?

Yes, there is one public toilet at Linda Bar. All restaurants have toilets inside. They usually don’t mind if people use them. 

A close look at the new boardwalk in Lagos
The wooden boardwalk is wide and long, a perfect place for a stroll along the beach

Meia Praia boardwalk route description

The walkway goes along the beach offering an opportunity to explore the dune system of Meia Praia. The boardwalk is wide with railings on both sides. It’s elevated from the ground at some part more and some parts less. Every 500 m or so there is a partly covered area with benches and information boards about flora and fauna of the region.

*the distance is from the start of the boardwalk at the west end of Meia Praia.

Distance*RestaurantPublic toiletParking lot
350 mSão Roque+
550 mLinda Beach Bar++
750 mBahia Beach Bar
1,3 kmDuna Beach Bar
1,7 kmGaviota Branca Restaurant+
2,3 kmBerlim Restaurant
Palmares Restaurant
3 kmBar Quim
Por do Sol Restaurant
Stops and facilities along the Meia Praia boardwalk
A wide and long  beach in Lagos, Portugal
From the end of the boardwalk you can walk on the beach for another 2 km

Places to stay near Meia Praia

If you’re traveling without a car it’s better to stay near Lagos Marina. You can easily get around on foot.

| Marina Club Lagos Resort | B19 – Marina Bay Apartment | A69 – Felicidade Marina Apartment |

The following places are great to stay you have a car and don’t mind staying outside the town close to the beach.

| Dom Pedro Lagos | Clube Meia Praia | Vila Gale Lagos | Apartamentos Turisticos Vila Palmeira |

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.