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Praia Dos Estudantes a Beautiful Beach in Lagos Portugal.

Praia Dos Estudantes is an beautiful beach in the Algarve, walking distance from Lagos old town. This nice little beach, presenting awesome photo opportunities and is located next to Praia da Batata. It is a cozy sandy beach, surrounded by overhanging cliffs and is known for its Roman style bridge right on the beach and the tunnel connecting different parts of Praia dos Estudantes. A very popular spot to take those perfect Algarve shots for Instagram, a nice beach for swimming, sunbathing and walking exploring several attached beaches.

Praia Dos Estudantes translates into Student Beach from Portuguese, the crowed on this beach is however varied with old and young, families and off course some students.

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roman bridge praia dos estudantes lagos
The beautiful Roman bridge at Praia dos Estudantes in Lagos.

Praia Dos Estudantes All About the Beach

Praia Dos Estudantes a is a small beach on the Ponta Piedade headland comprising two beaches connected by a tunnel. Walking through these natural tunnels connecting the beaches is one of the best things to do in Lagos. The beaches are fairly small with both section being around 60 metres long. Estudantes Beach is located between the well known Praia da Batata and Praia do Pinhão. The first section of the beach coming from Praia de Batata (northern section) has finer sand than the southern part at the bridge with more shells.

The two parts of this beautiful beach are located in typical Algarve coves between the town of Lagos and the famous Ponta da Piedade. The location on the eastern side of Ponta da Piedade, results in Estudantes Beach being sheltered from the wind but it does get a lot of sun. Shadow stretches over the beach in the afternoon from about 17:00, this is very nice in summer when temperatures climb over 30C.

Ponta da Piedade protects Praia Dos Estudantes from waves from the southwest and the sea here is very calm on most days.

tunnel connecting praia dos estudantes
Tunnel connecting northern and southern parts of Praia Dos Estudantes

Lagos Roman Bridge

This awesome arch bridge joining eroded cliffs in the middle of the beach is the highlight of Praia dos Estudantes. The bridge was part of Pinhão Fortress that was destroyed during an earthquake in the 1700’s.

Praia dos Estudantes Facilities

Facilities are rather limited at Estudantes beach, with no shade or beach chairs available, bring your own umbrella and beach mat. The beach has no lifeguards on duty. Mar Restaurant is located at the top of the stairs leading to the beach and has toilet facilities.

praia dos estudantes northern part
The northern part of Praia dos Estudantes is a nice little cozy beach with softer sand and less rocks and shells for sunbathing.

Things to do at Praia dos Estudantes


Estudantes beach is a good option to spend a couple of hours on the beach. It is located close to the Lagos Old Town (10 minutes walk) less than a kilometer. Located further from the city center than Praia da Batata with less facilities it is usually less crowded. Take your own umbrella and beach mat.


The beach is fairly protected and calm conditions make for nice swimming. The water at Praia Dos Etudantes is clear and calm on most days. The Atlantic ocean is quite chilly most of the year with water temperatures between 15 and 20C, nicer for a dip on hot days than long swims.

Swimming at Estudantes Beach is better at high tide when the swimming beach is a nice sandy beach, there are big rocks that are exposed at low tide making swimming difficult.

Estudantes Beach rocks at low tide
Estudantes Beach has lots of rocks that are visible at low tide making swimming better at high tide.

Beach Walk

Since Praia de Estudantes is connected to Praia da Batata and Praia do Pinhão it is possible to do a real nice beach walk all the way from Praia da Batata over Praia Estudantes to Praia do Pinhão all the way on the beach. The first two tunnels, first coming from Praia da Batata followed by the tunnel between the two parts of Estudantes beach can be accessed anytime. To keep on walking through the tunnel from Estudantes to Pinhão, the tunnel located right next to the roman style bridge is only accessible at low tide.

Tunnel from  from Praia dos Estudantes to Praia Pinhão
The tunnel located right next to the roman style bridge leads from Praia dos Estudantes to Praia Pinhão and is only accessible at low tide.

Getting to Praia do Estudantes


Being located only about 700 meters from the old town and 1 km from Lagos Marina. The Estudantes Beach can easily be reached on foot, it is around a 10 minute walk. Walk along the main road coming from the Marina. There are several nice spots to stop for photo opportunities, including the marina, the old town and the harbor. Walk past the harbor (Avenida dos Descobrimentos). Access Praia do Estudantes by walking over the beach from Praia da Batata or keep on walking up the hill passing the harbor and walk down to Praia do Estudantes at the stairs from Mar restaurant.

walk or drive up Avenida dos Descobrimentos past the harbor and access the beach at Praia do Batata or Praia dos Estudantes.
Walk or drive up Avenida dos Descobrimentos past the harbor and access the beach at Praia do Batata or Praia dos Estudantes.


There is a small parking close to the stairs leading down to Praia do Estudantes, just click on Mar Restaurant in you GPS/phone. Lagos has plenty of Ubers, since Lagos is a small town this is a quick, cheap and easy way to get to the beach.

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Accommodation around Estudantes Beach

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.