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Praia do Beliche – Sagres Portugal Beach Guide

Praia do Beliche is one of four nice beaches that belongs to the famous little surf town, Sagres, in the Algarve Portugal.

beliche beach sagres portugal
The beautiful Beliche Beach, Sagres.

This small, sheltered beach faces south west. Three kilometers from the center of Sagres town it is a steep walk down about 100 steps to this stunning little beach surrounded by 40 meter high cliffs. Beliche beach with its soft golden sand is an excellent surf spot with good facilities. A fantastic beach for families to spend the day; protected from the wind, nice facilities and usually not too busy.

Praia do Beliche All About The Beach

Beliche Beach is a sandy beach consisting of two coves located at the bottom of the famous Algarve sand stone cliffs 5 minutes drive from Sagres town. The beach is usually a bit less busy than the other beaches in the area. With nice soft sand, there is a lot of space to enjoy the beach. The second cove is easy to reach walking along the beach at low tide. This is the quiet end of the beach and people tan topless and even in the nude here. The location of the beach in a bay below the cliffs result in good protection from the wind, specifically good protection from North winds that often blow.

Praia do Beliche Sagres Restaurant
Restaurant at Praia do Beliche on the beach.

Beliche Beach Facilities

  • Beach – sheltered sandy beach
  • Blue Flag beach
  • Toilets: yes (at the restaurant)
  • Lifeguards: yes (in season)
  • Sunbeds: yes (in season)
  • Umbrellas: yes (in season)
  • Parking: yes
  • Restaurants: yes (open in season)

Praia do Beliche is a a blue flag beach, so it meets international blue flag standards. It is a neat, clean beach meeting standards regarding safety, water quality, facilities and environmental management. There is a restaurant located on the beach down the stairs that is open in season (summer). Beach chairs and umbrellas can be rented on the beach in season.

Toilets are available at the restaurants

Life guards are on duty in season.

There is a free gravel parking area for the beach next to the road with a stone staircase leading down to the beach. Limited parking is available right next to the beach, it is not wheel chair friendly.

There is a nice restaurant located on the beach with a sea view. You walk past the restaurant on your way down the stairs. They do a great piri piri chicken barbeque you smell walking down the stairs in summer. Terra restaurant across the road at the parking has a more extensive menu.

surfing beliche beach sagres
Surfing at Beliche Beach, Sagres Portugal.

Getting to Beliche Beach

Driving is the easiest way to get around in the Algarve, we use Rentalcar for the best deals to book car rentals. The parking area for Praia do Beliche is located on the EN268 road, which goes from Sagres to Cabo Sao Vicente. Terra restaurant is across the road from the parking area to Beliche Beach. The beach is 3 km from the center of Sagres (5 min drive or 35 min walk) Google Maps Pin Praia do Beliche.

Things to do at Praia do Beliche


Beliche Beach is a nice beach for swimming. The bottom is mostly sandy with some covered rocks when you go a bit deeper. The surf at Beliche can be powerful with currents, so only swim here if you are a confident swimmer. Life guards are on duty in season, if you visit the beach with children swim close to the life guards.

Water Temperature at Mareta – The water in the Algarve is on the cold side. Water temperature varies between 15C and 20C irrespective of season. When it is hot in summer it is nice for bathing, for water sports, like surfing you need a wetsuit to stay in the water for a long time.


Praia do Beliche is a great spot for spending a couple of hours on the beach. A small, cozy, clean beach. Maybe because of the steps and the location outside town it does not often get crowded with plenty of space to play games. If you want some privacy just walk down the beach away from the steps to the ‘nude beach’, this cove can be reach over the sand at low tide. The sand is nice and soft all over the beach. In season parasols and sunbeds are for hire. In off-season bring your own umbrella.


Beliche Beach is a classic wedge that is super popular to surf for bodyboarders if it is working. In the week this is usually a quiet spot, but if Beliche is working it can be very busy on weekends. Beliche works on a big south swell or sometimes on NW swell. Best surf here is October to December. Sagres is one of the best known surf spots in the Algarve and Tonel beach about 4 km from Beliche is the most popular surf spot in Sagres.

surfers beliche beach sagres
If it works Beliche Beach is a very popular surf spot in Sagres.

Things to do around Praia do Beliche

Visit Cape of St. Vincent (Cabo de São Vicente) this used to be known as ‘the end of the world’. A spectacular site worth visiting. The most southwestern tip of continental Europe 6km from Sagres. Spectacular cliffs and ocean views.

The Old Lighthouse at Cabo de São Vicente near Sagres
Cabo de São Vicente Lighthouse

Fortaleza de Sagres An incredible sea fort with a fortified wall and three natural cliffs dropping into the surrounding Atlantic ocean providing protection for defenders. Short walk from town for a nice pizza or cup of coffee.

Awesome Tours in Sagres

Accommodation in Sagres

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.